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Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan, BBC finds

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Asia Business Report

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Here a first grade schoolgirl from Tone chronicles how the ban has forced her and her classmates. I allocated my father talking about another three years lying at Green Chowk ruling. The latest BBC Business News: breaking personal finance, company, financial and economic news, plus insight and analysis into UK and global markets.

The BBC's hour news and information channel that features the most up-to-date news, interviews, business reports, sports results, and weather. Live from Singapore the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day Category: News Magazine/Current Affairs More on Asia Business Report.

April 20, Vriens & Partners Senior Associate in Jakarta, Brian Kraft, gives his views on BBC News Asia Business Report on Indonesia-US relations with US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Indonesia this week. Watch full interview here.

A global school league table based on science and maths tests puts five Asian countries at the top, with the UK in 20th and the US in 28th. Live from Singapore the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day.

Bbc news asia business report
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Asia tops biggest global school rankings - BBC News