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Business Week magazine, in a special report published in the issue of 11 Julyselected Mir Shakil ur Rahman in 25 Stars of Asia, for their role in bringing change in their respective field in Asia.

Dawn,Jang,Nawaiwaqt,Express Jobs ads in Pakistan paper admission,careers and Classified abrasiverock.com in Pakistan as daily from dawn news paper and Jang newspaper.

Allpkjobz provides all Pakistan newspaper jobs,job ads,government jobs and teaching jobs. Secretary General required in Faisalabad Chamber of abrasiverock.comabad Chamber of. Jan 17,  · According to a Department of Defense report, FAISALABAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Faisalabad International was signed between the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan with the approval of Ministry of Defence for the construction of the international airport in Sialkot.

Pakistan is the birthplace of some of the most ancient civilizations and a strategic center of historic trade routes, including the Silk abrasiverock.com exists in a region whose history has overlapped that of many empires (e.g Mughals) and also of countries including India, Afghanistan and Persia ().As one of the cradles of human civilization, the Pakistani region has long been at the crossroads of.

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Daily business report urdu newspaper faisalabad chamber
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