Extensible business reporting language meaning translator

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What is XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)?

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How does IMPLEMENTATION Performance Compare ?

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See Universal Application Lifecycle Management. IFRS XBRL – eXtensible Business Reporting Language – is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which is revolutionising business reporting around the world. Leo Dic LEO is an English - German, Chinese - German, Italian - German, French - German, Spanish - German, Russian - German online dictionary.

(XBRL) is a language for the electronic communications of all sort of businesses and the exchange of financial data that is transforming business reporting around the globe.

First in this research, I will discuss the definition and origins of (XBRL), and then I will summarize how (XBRL) works. The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners.

eXtensible Business Reporting Language [the ~] noun the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) – An XML language for the electronic communication of business and financial data.

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eXtensible Business Reporting Language [the ~] noun the eXtensible Business Reporting Language – An XML language for the electronic communication of business and financial data.

Extensible business reporting language meaning translator
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