Michael victorian baton rouge business report

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The Baton Rouge office was the first regional office of Phelps Dunbar, opening in with three attorneys. Today, it has become one of the largest law offices in. Baton Rouge casino revenue continues downward trend - Baton Rouge Business Report Baton Rouge’s three riverboat casinos collectively raked in % less revenue in August than they did during last August, marking the 13th-straight month in which year-over-year collections were down/5(10).

Michael Victorian is a lawyer practicing in the areas of labor and Employment and litigation in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana office of Phelps Dunbar. Katie G. Cannon, who was awarded her first Roothbert Fund grant inis to receive the Union Medal at Union Theological Seminary's commencement this year.

Dr. Cannon is the Annie Sales Rogers Professor of Christian Ethics at the seminary. Daphene Vasut. Daphene Vasut, 72, of Nora Springs, IA, passed away Tuesday, May 6, at the Nora Springs Care Center, Nora Springs.

Daphene was born December 30, in Columbus, the daughter of David and Mary (Schmidt) Zahradnick.

Michael victorian baton rouge business report
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