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Paul Kangas Leaving PBS'

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Former Nightly Business Report anchor Paul Kangas dies at 79

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“With his booming voice, easy laughter and quick wit, Paul Kangas was a tremendous asset to ‘Nightly Business Report,’ right from its inception in ,” said Linda O’Bryon, who was a co-anchor with Kangas.

“He helped invent stock market reporting on television. Jun 06,  · Paul Kangas, the co-anchor of "Nightly Business Report" on PBS, will step down at the end of the year, ending a year tenure on the nation's most-watched business newscast.

The Florida’s Rich Capparela is a wonderful afternoon drive show on the Classical station is always a treat. Earlier this week, he played. When “Nightly Business Report” debuted in January on Miami WPBT2, Paul Kangas was its stock-market commentator.

He moved into the anchor role ina position he held until retiring on.

Paul Kangas

Mar 02,  · Paul Kangas joined “Nightly Business Report,” television’s first daily business news show, inand became a mainstay of the program.

Paul Kangas, a stockbroker who helped pioneer television’s first daily business news show, died on Tuesday in Miami, the New York Times reported.

He was Kangas was the Miami-based co-anchor of the PBS television program “Nightly Business Report,” a role he held fromwhen the show was a local PBS program in Miami, through December 31,

Paul kangas nightly business report
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