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Native American Influences on Modern American Culture

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Civilization and modern times have effected many cultures. And with Native Americans it can even be more difficult to maintain all their ancestors culture, especially when young members find them elves involved in urban culture. For the native American, it can be hard to organize cultural teachings.

Nov 26,  · The North American continent, in this case, the United States emerged with a cultural background of both Native American traditional tribal culture, and a more modernized European culture, that of the Spanish, English, and French.

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SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Reputation Management. Civilization and modern times have effected many cultures. And with Native Americans it can even be more difficult to maintain all their ancestors culture, especially when young members find them elves involved in urban culture.

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For the native American, it can be hard to organize cultural teachings. American Culture Influences on Art American influence in art started around B.C. with the civilizations in the Andres Mountains.

They used a stylized form that showed the different animals, plants and people of their culture. One of the civilizations of the time were the Chavin.

Sample 1native american influences on modern
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